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Sleepy Lullaby


No matter where on the planet or in what year you were born, your mother sang you a lullaby before putting you to sleep. Many of us can remember fondly those times when our mothers soothed us to sleep with a familiar song or two. Now, as adults, we often find ourselves in need of a soothing bedtime lullaby for our own little ones, but sometimes the name or even the lyrics elude us.Your baby cries a lot? Want your baby to fall asleep quickly? Can you put a nice sound to calm your baby and sleep like an angel.Choose the music and the time and put your child to sleep, a beautiful song That will really calm your baby.Help your baby to fall asleep instantly using classic monotonous sounds (lullabies) proven to be effective by generations of parents!
Just choose wonderful lullabies songs, start timer and your kids will enjoy the best sleepy sounds. You can hear songs from the playlist, can put it favourite and also can download the songs. You can set the timer. Until then, the songs that you are selected will repeatedly play. After the timer duration the player will automatically close.
Some steps:-
1) Hear the songs.2) Open the timer.3) Select the songs from the playlist.4) Set the timer.5) Let your baby asleep.